Friday, June 4, 2010


There go one year.... The last of being a teenager... Everyone just feel themselves got older

awww miss every moment =(... LOL

well, So sorry to Wei yean...and most of my cempakans mates >.< really sad that we don't have any gathering LoL.... really miss you people till the max man.... haha

hope to see you guys sooon...

I can't believe I pun sudah belajar kat UCSI 1 year + d lo~ =)

Thursday, May 20, 2010


In the early, I feel something when through my mind... cause of a bad management I had in my life...and makes me feel soo bladdy damm... I need someone who really understand and get what I mean and "click" just like that..... cant you understand...?.... really damm damm bo mood.... wth man... huiyo... .zzzzzzz What la....... work with me here.... Even tho Me and you had experienced it before. I may failed it once but doesn't mean I DON'T DESERVE A SECOND CHANCE who the heck are you? I've been working so hard... I won't let your stupid temper make me go down.... I will counter back what you did!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHH DAMMMMMMMMMMMM......

Monday, May 3, 2010


Happy & Love Forever

  • Heyy, I just finished a movie drama... dang this movie is awesome... haha but I have to say in the front part... It makes you doesn't like every and each of person in the movie except the watak utama perempuan and ming dao <3>
  • In the progress going behind is just so touched me...but I still love "Fated to love you" and of course every movie have their own "qualities" this movie... I really like how Ming Dao act...
  • how he acts is just makes every girl woohooo I can say that is every girl dream guy o~ LOL haha...
  • and seriously I don't like the ending at all man...Once I finished it... I'm like WTH haha....
  • haha total go 30 Episod... I can say please do pay attention on Episod 27 or 28 either one of it... you can obviously hear that is not Ming Dao voice...which where it doesn't feel that touchy and attractive jor...
  • so yea... It seems i'm like promoting haha XD must watch! XD every part of he say... ge me la ai yo~~ ai ya~ hao la~ (this is where girl should actually feel melted) XP hahaha!! you feel it totally different from us Malaysian XD
- must watch XD -

yean drama movie... you fav o~~ must go watch haha even tho is not wilber pan but... ming dao also not bad XD

A part of him in the movie =D

Sunday, May 2, 2010


heyy, yep expressing time man...
Well, I dunno what this call... After, i watched the taiwanese drama I felt that they are really so sweet... Not only in Friend and Family They handle it very well... I'm really envy about it cause In fact I can do well both of it in my real life...well not to mention "relationship" hmmm It may be only a movie and so called "fantasy" but to me... I really wish to have one...
To tell the truth... I just fought with my family... again.. sigh....
They don't even know that I can't eat durians and "Bak Kut Teh" this is not because im Fussy but is because I cant handle those smell and will make me vomit instead of eating it... Even my friends know about it... and so cause of this we have quarreled about it... Indeed is a really small stuff...
but... this is related about the caring,the wellness as in know how well you are...they are my family....they don't even know what's my favourite and what I cant take it/dislike
well, Is ok that you guys(family) don't understand. I'm also cool that you went to work and didnt accompany me...and I also don't mind that you only see me twice a week.... and yeah I also don't mind that you dunno well about me and doesn't know what's my fav stuff
and yeah... I also don't mind you asked me to handle the family problem that you guys been giving me to handle... but.... I just wan my freedom.... the freedom not as in... going out or not... Is about... When I want to rest.. you ask me to go do something(understanding)
when I wan to eat"which the time for me to relax and calm down" and you asked me don't eat this and don't eat that....

I know I'm FAT but please I really dunno why I be like that...Maybe it just run in the genes... I ate the same amount as everyone does...Or maybe sometimes I eat lesser....due to our college busy time.... Can't you care about my feeling or just be understanding?... and Once something wrong... you guys actually blame me everything..... Sadly to say...I'm bad enough to be your dog man.... you ask me do that i'll do.... You guys used to scold me that I cant study.. ok fine... gosh.... I'm like in a prison... I wonder how long I can stay this long....

and yeah...talking about friend...last time...when i'm down and sad...even when I'm crying... I still know who should I call.... but now... when I look into my phone.... I dunno who should I call...when I'm happy.... What I can do is "shock sendiri" cause I dunno who should I share with...haha externally I may look like a guy who is know by everyone and a lot of friend... but internally... I just a guy who is lonely and cant find a true friend....

I always wanted to.....

Friday, April 30, 2010

Three Terms

Hmm, I want to confess about missing and forget in three terms!!

hehe, I forget still got you XP"blek"

I found a better one LOL, so muahaha you get lost

New One,
I want to see desperately =( LOL

alright!!! lol I dunno what am I typing but I something I found to express ME! lol haha XD

hmmmm In the same time it also base on 3 people XD
Just see what happen ba XD

- Curious -

Monday, April 26, 2010

A Day =)

haha few....

Yesterday, I went out with my PMC friend... not to mention that it was really aweeesooommeeee
Haha been singing the whole afternoon hahax...
And once it night I sing again =.=" end up I have broke my voice lol

Today I went out with Sha,Za.J, and Adamdam =DD LOL =X

haha we went for a movie which is

Yeah babeh is Date Night

Haha, Seriously this movie just laughed our butt off is damm freaky Funny man.. and the storyline just awesome and the title say it all.. you guys should go and watch it LOL hahax XP

is an awesome movie day I would say =)

and today, I'm going out for dinner with my "kai- parents" which is my god-parents lolx
well, they really love me alot like their real son =)... hopefully, I will have fun XD

- Enjoyment -

Hey yean! hahax XD

Friday, April 23, 2010


Today, I just realize that...friend are not easy to be made.....
even tho, they are friend of yours... but doesn't mean they show you in a sincere way....

you friend me, is because my parents helped your family out before.
you friend me, is because you wanna get benefit from me(which is I have nothing to be get)
you friend me, is because you think that you owed me
you friend me, is because you can used me



A true friend doesn't goes that way....
Friend should be telling each other the facts and accept it....
Futhermore, you told me that you are ok.
but in other way you just ignored me and treat me invisibly
I called you, cause I'm really down and sad... and you actually ignore what I said and say yeah is better way that we text....(honestly, I been talking for so long and you actually tell me that text is actually better? wth...) Just tell me if it you busy...."tak mahu dengar sudah"
I'm so dissapointed in this.... I'm enough with all the craps do whatever you want....
If I'm immature so be it... and still this is regarding about feeling...
care about people feeling....

Sorry this whole thing is just to express myself...

yean ah yean...until today I still the same a...sigh help me la.... T.T

- Care -